General information

J.C.J. Ruiter-Wever is founded in 1989 by Jan Ruiter and Carla Wever. Since 2012 is the company fully in the hands of their sons Niels and Stef, they perform both operations and the management function. Ruiter-Wever is specialized in early grown tulips due to cultivation under plastic and in France. This way we can provide a complete colormix from the beginning of december. We want to produce a varied and complete assorment from early to late in the season, with singleflowered, heavy tulips. For the production of tulips in our modern facility, we are using own grown bulbs from Dutch and French grounds. This is to keep the quality as good as possible. Also for BVB preparation, packaging and making the bulbs or tulips ready for export you can rely on Ruiter-Wever.