Ruiter-Wever provides as many bulbs from own production for export. This leads to great satisfaction for the customers, mostly due to a heavier product with less losses for a competitive price.

This is mainly because Ruiter-Wever knows their own product is good, and responds exactly to the needs of customers. For example, bulbs which are growed early are picked out of a different size bulb compared to bulbs which are grown later in the season. Likewise, the final destination is taken in account at the moment of harvesting, and in particular having regards to temperature treatments.

Furthermore, Ruiter-Wever attempts to continuously keep its assorment up to date. Always looking for heavier, longer tulips, single-flowered, hard colors. Despite the high investment in newplant material is often possible for Ruiter-Wever to offer interesting prices for its customers. This enables customers to distinguish themselves to supply quality for their clients, and despite the exclusivity provided they can still offer a competitive price.

Despite the fact that the expertise of Ruiter-Wever lies in the early growing of tulips, they also offer a nice package for the later season. In this way, Ruiter-Wever can already offer a nice package of 7 different colors for Christmas. We can continuously offer these colors in different cultivars until mid May. Also for the holidays the important main colors in the best quality are available.

There is already considerable experience in exporting, escpecially to America and Canada. This way, we can provide excellent advice for growing tulips at all possible places. During preperation of the tulips the location of the customers is taken into account. Things like, altitude, light intensity, infrastructure and of course the humidity all play an important role.