Ruiter-Wever is planting all of the Dutchgrown bulbs in the well proved 1,80 double net system. Since 2011, the tractor which plants the bulbs is driving on Soucy tracks to provide optimum traction and to maintain soil structure. A Trimble GPS system is also used for planting straight beds and logging data.

Consciously, Ruiter-Wever chooses to grow as much as possible on grassland. This way the bulbs are provided with the most nutritional elements and sublements. There is a close cooperation between Ruiter-Wever and Agrifirm to get the best results in the field.

Ruiter-Wever has all the needed equipment to prepare the soil before planting. There is, for example a 250 hp Case tractor, a 4 furrow plough, a 3 metre wide rotary tiller, a spading combination and many other small equipment. Because there is a wide range of options for preparing the soil, each different soil type can be prepard in the best way. Consequently, the bulbs get the best possible soil to grow on.